Ciara Reveals How She & Husband Russell Wilson Keep Their Marriage Strong

Ciara and Russell Wilson are no doubt a power couple. She’s a Grammy award winning recording artist, he’s the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks and they’re parents. So, between tours, games and their other various commitments, how do they make it work? When Ciara chatted with PureWow about her new partnership with Drinkfinity (a new drink company focused on reducing waste with its multifunctional pod-infused reusable water bottle), she revealed that the keys to their marriage are simple: date night and a little Netflix and chill.

Ciara explained, “We make sure to make an effort to balance and make time for our marriage and our relationship.”

So how do they do that? As the 34-year “Level Up” singer explained, “The way that we really balance things is that we commit to date night and we make a conscious effort to do that. Literally, we don’t miss it. If I travel for longer than a week, we make sure that right when I get back, date night happens and sometimes we end up doing two date nights in a week because we just missed out on one prior.”

She went on to say that this small act of effort “changes the game” for the married couple of three years. “It’s one of the things that I look forward to at the end of the week. We do it every Friday because that’s when Russell’s football schedule is a bit lighter,” she said. “It makes me feel young. I look forward to that moment, I love that we’re making an effort together and we get to spend time together and check-in.”

Ciara and Russell have two children, Sienna (2), and Future (5), whom Ciara shares with her ex-fiancé, Future. So when they’re not heading out for date night, working or cheering on their littles at a gymnastics meet or football game, they also love watching TV together. But there’s one rule: “If we start a show together, we cannot watch it without the other person. We have to watch it with each other, so we always hold out. Even if, like, Game of Thrones is popping in real time, we can’t look online for spoiler alerts.” Now, that’s true commitment.

The “1, 2 Step” singer knows her tips for strengthening a relationship are simple, but it’s been a saving grace for her and Wilson. “It feels like fresh vibes, almost meeting someone in the beginning again but now you know each other,” she shared.

Looks like we need to get a date night on the books.

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