Chrissy Teigen is not one to shy away from putting it all out there on social media. (Remember that glorious time after the Grammys when she performed a “7 Years” remix for celebrity stylist Monica Rose whilst a wee bit tipsy? Yassss, Chrissy.) The self-deprecating KFC addict/spray cheese connoisseur did us all a solid by reminding us of the age-old expression, “It hurts to be beautiful.” Join us on a visual journey as we recap the epic battle of Lady Legend, a noble assistant and the most pestilent clip-in hair extensions in all the land.

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chrissy teigen hair 2

The Hairy Endeavor Started As A Two-Pronged Effort

All Chrissy wanted was her lob back. 

chrissy teigen hair 1

But Things Quickly Went Belly Up

Chrissy was NOT having it. 

chrissy teigen hair 3

Chrissy Begged Her Assistant To Move Faster

To which she laughingly replied, “I’m doing the best I can.”

chrissy teigen hair 4

And Pulled A Miranda Priestly When The Girl Couldn’t Deliver

Heads rolled when a miserable (and maybe almost bald) Teigen joked, “Now hiring: new assistants to take my hair out cause this one sucks.” 

Maybe she can convince baby Luna to write her a letter of recommendation? 

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