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Chrissy Teigen made a new friend yesterday, and the internet is completely bugging out.

The mom of two played a harmless game of the ever-popular (JK) “What’s This Bug?” with her 2-year-old daughter, Luna, while on vacation. And, um, you need to see the size of this thing.

And that’s when she learned just what kind of bug she had been hanging out with: a tarantula hawk wasp. Unfamiliar? So was Teigen because had she known the bug can cause temporary paralysis, has an extremely painful sting and lays eggs inside its prey then slowly eats the carcass from the inside out, she might not have been cuddling with it.

Still in disbelief that her and Luna’s pal was something that could low-key cause paralysis, Teigen asked for some professional help.

Instead, she got added to the Wikipedia entry about tarantula hawk wasps because the internet is a ridiculous place. (The entry has since been changed because Wikipedia, conversely, is a serious place.)

After coming to terms with the fact that she basically laughed in the face of danger, the Cravings author reflected on reincarnation, her late dog Puddy and the circle of life.

Ultimately, Teigen looked past the wasp’s flaws, or um, potential dangerousness, and mused that their friendship might even blossom into something more.

But then, something miraculous happened—Teigen got vindication.

The Washington Post called upon experts to accurately identify the bug and guess what? It wasn’t a tarantula hawk wasp. It was a paper wasp, according to the paper’s interview with Gwen Pearson of the Purdue Department of Entomology. Unlike their murderous cousins, paper wasps are content building paper-like nests.

So it was a nice bug. Internet: Stop being so damn dramatic.

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