These New Marshmallows Are Stuffed with Chocolate & They’ll Totally Change the Way You Make S’mores

When we think of summer nights, we picture ourselves sitting in front of the campfire, roasting a big ol’ marshmallow. While we can’t go wrong with a classic s’more—featuring a charred mallow, a piece (or two) of chocolate and a graham cracker—this recent launch is a total game changer.

Stuffed Puffs just debuted an all-new food item that will completely change the way you make s’mores: chocolate-filled marshmallows. The white, fluffy treat looks like a traditional marshmallow on the outside, but on the inside, it has a brown chocolatey center.

So, why transform a childhood classic? It all comes down to the fact that s’mores aren’t easy to eat. So, Stuffed Puffs designed the chocolate center to melt when heated up, ultimately creating a mess-free s’more solution that doesn’t require you to skimp on the Hershey’s. (#Bless)

The chocolate-filled marshmallows are now available for purchase. Although they’re sold exclusively at Walmart locations in the United States, Stuffed Puffs didn’t say whether or not it’s a limited release, so we highly recommend you stock up while you can.

Dessert connoisseurs might scoff at the idea. But on the other hand, we’ve never felt more inclined to go camping.