Calling All Cheese Lovers (Aka Everyone): This App Is for You

We’re not exaggerating when we say that there are few things in life that we love more than cheese. Whether sitting on top of a pizza, sprinkled on pasta, wedged between bread or heck, just eaten on its own with a knife—we worship at the altar of dairy.

Which is why we were psyched to hear about a new app that helps us indulge in our cheese obsession. Introducing The Cheeses of Europe—a free app that lets you explore the taste, flavor and even pronunciation of dozens of cheeses. (Newsflash: You’re pronouncing Gouda wrong.)

cheeses of europe app
Cheeses of Europe

It also includes helpful advice about what wines to pair your cheese with (feta with a Côtes du Rhône—who knew?), plus serving tips (never, ever touch a Brie with your fingers).

Talking about all this cheese is giving us a major craving. Good thing the app also provides a geo-locator that helps you find where to buy the cheese. Sounds pretty Gouda to us. (Sorry, we had to.)

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