Let's be honest: Cakes are great and everything, but they're not nearly as good as a giant plate of fromage. Which is why we're loving the ever-growing popularity of wedding cheese cakes. This cheeky alternative to a traditional dessert is, yep, exactly what it sounds like: Towering wheels of glorious cheese (in lieu of your standard vanilla). 

Topped with blooms, berries and garnish, they're just as gorgeous as confectionary versions, and far superior by way of their cheesiness. Join us in ogling—and immediately pinning—these "cakes" below. 

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Prop 'Em Up

Love your bridal cheese cake as much as your new spouse? Put it on a pedestal (literally) and accent with accoutrements for color and texture. 

wedding cheese wheel cake3
The HK Photo Company/Unsplash

Top 'Em Off

Hot cheese wheel stacking tip: The more marbled, speckled and/or otherwise patterned your fromage selections (think: a Wensleydale or Porter cheddar), the more beautiful your "cake" will be. 

Stack 'em Up

And don't forget people, the sky's the limit here. Bries, goudas, gruyeres—the gang's all invited. 

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