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Channing Tatum Played a Cruel Trick on His Wife Before Proposing but We Still Love Him Most
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Welp, it turns out even perfect male specimen Channing Tatum isn't all smooth jazz and gyrating hips when it comes to the ladies. The Magic Mike star recently revealed the cruel pre-proposal prank he played on now-wife Jenna Dewan Tatum, and all we can say could you!?

In an interview with BBC Radio One’s The Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw, Tatum recalled the “way harsh, Tai” joke he pulled on Dewan to redirect her proposal suspicions. “When I proposed to my wife, I did something pretty cruel because I thought she was on to me. I basically told her I never wanted to get married to try to throw her off,” he confessed. Why, Channing, whyyy?

As it turns out, Dewan didn’t take the news lightly and immediately burst into tears. (Who could blame her?!) Tatum shamefully continued to explain, “She basically broke down crying. I thought, This is not going well at all, so I had to propose to her sooner rather than later.”

Tatum did end up proposing shortly after his savage escapade while the couple was on vacation in Maui in 2008. Thankfully Dewan said yes, but we're pretty sure she's never going to let him live that one down. Boy, bye...just kidding. Stay beautiful. 

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