Celebs Are Having a Major Towel-Folding Debate Online—& Jennifer Garner Does *Not* Agree with Hilary Swank

Online debates are nothing new (shall we remind you of the gold vs. blue dress?). However, it’s not every day that our favorite celebrities get in on the action. And today just so happens to be one of those rare days. The issue at question? The proper way to fold a towel.

On Monday, Chelsea Handler kicked things off on social media by sharing a photo of three towels folded in different ways on her personal IG account. The first one is folded into a square, while the third is a complete roll. The second towel appears to be the result of folding it in half, in half again and then in thirds. “Let’s ruin some friendships. 1, 2, or 3? Go,” she captioned the social media post.

And it wasn’t long before the debate took off in the comments section with Jennifer Garner, Hilary Swank and Sophia Bush all putting in their two cents. “I grew up a 2, but have grown to appreciate a 3,” Garner wrote while Swank dismissed three entirely and added, “2!” Bush agreed with Swank and commented, “2!!!!! Forever.”

However, two wasn’t the overall winner. Kate Hudson had some serious thoughts on the matter. “3 in a basket next to tub, 2 on surfaces/ shelves…it’s a whole thing,” she wrote. “1 is when I walk into my teenager's bathroom after I told him to clean up.” (Clearly, she’s thought a lot about this.)

Of course, there were a handful of people pushing for option one (we’re looking at you, Kevin Bacon).

Now we’re not saying there’s a right way to fold a towel, but it's 100 percent absolutely the second option.

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