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Build-a-Bear Is Offering a Pay-Your-Age Deal (but Only for One Day)
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You on a regular mall trip: *Sees Build-a-Bear Workshop and quickly makes every effort to divert your child’s gaze away from any and all bear-making opportunities.*

You on July 12: *Takes your kid’s hand and willingly guides them into the Build-a-Bear store.*

Here’s why: Build-a-Bear Workshop just announced a very special—and downright cool—deal that invites anyone passing through the store on July 12 to pay their age versus full price when they customize a bear. 

To clarify, this means that if you drop by with your bear-loving 1-year-old, it will cost just $1 for your kid to put together a stuffed animal. (Special characters from the Marvel movies, Trolls and Star Wars are also included in the promotion.) Even more impressive, anyone who enters the store on July 12 won’t be considered a day over 29, since Build-a-Bear’s pay-your-age promotion caps out at $29. 

So, what’s the catch? There actually isn’t one—other than the fact that to participate you need to sign up for the complimentary Build-a-Bear Bonus Club rewards program. (Name and email are the only requirements.) 

Also worth noting: Let’s just say you show up on July 12 and the line to stuff a bear (or unicorn or Pokémon) is loooong. Build-a-Bear is even allowing shoppers to purchase a furry friend unstuffed at pay-your-age prices, then return to build it at a later date. Damn.

And just like that, you’re one step closer to earning that Parent of the Year award.

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