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When we were kids, family vacation consisted of piling into a too-small station wagon and driving to a remote, slightly run down country house where the biggest treat was driving 40 minutes to have a hot fudge sundae at an ice cream shop where the customers' average age hovered around 85. 

As such, we're majorly envious of  of Dorothy and Manilla, the littlest members of the Gee family, who are spending the next month living at Disney World. Let that sink into your 5-year-old brain. 

The Gee kids, along with their parents Jessica and Garrett, are known on Instagram as The Bucket List Family. Basically, they sold all of their belongings two years ago and have been traveling around the world and documenting it on their aesthetically-pleasing Instagram ever since. 

Their latest adventure is a result of winning Disney's 30 Days 30 Stays contest, meaning they'll stay at a different Disney world resort every day for the next 29 days (their trip started yesterday). 

Some kids have all the luck. (But seriously, enjoy, you guys.)

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