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The Most Brilliant Mom Ever Created a Hug Button for Her Son So He Wouldnt Feel Nervous at School
Louise Mallett/Facebook

The first day of school is nerve-wracking at any age, but especially for a 4-year-old who’s never been through it before. That’s why genius mom of the year Louise Mallett created a “hug button” that she and her son Max could use to secretly communicate all day.

She explained in a Facebook post how she came up with the idea: After her son shared that he had cried during the morning settling-in sessions because he missed his mom, she told him that she had a magical power as his mommy and could share it with him ahead of the first full day. That’s when she drew a heart on each of their palms. 

“I could tell he was feeling a little emotional, so we had a chat and came up with the idea of having a heart each and if we pressed it, it sent a hug to the other one,” she said. “I even gave him a spare one on his arm in case the one on his hand wore off.” To “charge” them on the walk to school, they held hands. Cue the collective “Awwwww.”

Lo and behold, it worked! When Louise went to pick up Max at the end of his first day, she asked him, “Did you get my hugs?” He happily replied, “Yep! I pressed it for a long time, but I didn’t cry.” She told him she had felt a big squeeze and sent one right back. According to Max, he felt it, too.

Louise signed off her post with a toast to more happy days ahead “while I sit at home with the dog and cry that all my babies are at school now.”

Sounds like mom could use a hug button, too.

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