There’s Now a ‘Breakup Concierge’ to Help You Get Over Your Ex

Breakups are already hard enough, emotionally, without all the logistical headaches that come with separating from a long-term partner. (Do you kick them off your HBO Go account? Who gets the monstera?) And in NYC, it's a special form of torture: If you thought finding an apartment under normal circumstances was challenging, try having the added pressure of continuing to cohabitate with your ex.

Fortunately for those who have recently called it quits (or, ahem, anyone whose relationship is in the danger zone), there's a new service that aims to streamline the whole process: Onward, a "post-breakup concierge" launched by two best friends who know their way around a messy split. (One of them is the daughter of a divorce lawyer, so you might say it's in her blood.) 

So what do the services include? Most obvious, perhaps, are apartment hunting and moving, but they'll also take care of annoying details like setting up utility bills and waiting for the cable to be installed. They'll also send you referrals for therapists, dog-walkers, attorneys and any other specialists you might need, and give you advice and resources about self-care. Oh, and if you're not going through a breakup but you know someone who is, you can get them a gift certificate. (We can't decide if that's more awkward or sweet.) The service is currently only available in New York, but if your newly single status spurs you to move somewhere else, they'll help with the logistics of relocating.

While you might be wondering why we need a paid service for this—after all, we've managed to get through it with the help of friends and copious wine for ages—those who have experienced a really bad breakup can vouch for the fact that disentangling lives can be both complicated and emotionally draining. So you could argue that speeding up that process—while minimizing interactions with your ex—is worth every penny. (Packages range from $100 for a ten-day "Reboot" to $500 for a three-month "Recalibrate.")

No word yet as to whether they can stop you from stalking your ex's Instagram.

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