Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Brad Pitt Lived with 7 Roommates

Today, Brad Pitt is an Oscar-winning actor with fabulous hair and lots of sex appeal. But once upon a time (literally in Hollywood), the 56-year-old actor says he was so down on his luck that he lived in a two-bedroom apartment with seven other guys. Yikes.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star reflected on his first years in L.A. during an interview with The Los Angeles Times, and, boy, it was different than his current situation.

“When I first moved out here, it was the summer of ’86 and I didn’t know sh**-all about Los Angeles, other than what I’d seen on The Beverly Hillbillies and Dragnet,” Pitt recalled.

Upon arriving in the city, Pitt said, “I landed in Burbank at a house I could crash at for a month or so…Man, I was just so up for the adventure, and so excited when I’d drive by a studio where they make movies. It meant the world to me.”

But after Pitt’s blissful existence in Burbank (a thing new Angelinos trying to make it in Hollywood know a thing or two about), the time came for him to find a more permanent place to say.

“Then I moved and it was one of those eight guys in two-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood kind of things,” he laughed. “You have your little corner where you keep your clothes folded up in a little bedroll. I became quite accustomed to McDonald’s and Shakey’s Pizza buffet. I didn’t mind. The city was a wide-open experience.”

Although Pitt claims to have not really minded the pseudo frat house lifestyle, we’d be willing to wager he likes mansion life just a little bit more. At least we would.

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