Brad Pitt Has Never Seen 'Gone With the Wind' or 'The Sound of Music' and, I'm Sorry, What?!

brad pitt 2020 oscars

Brad Pitt may be considered a huge movie star but it turns out the man has never even seen two of the greatest, most historically important films of all time, Gone With the Wind and The Sound of Music. If you find yourself thinking, "Um, what?" then you're not alone. But, yes, Pitt revealed in a Oscars red carpet interview with ABC that he's never watched either movie and further more, "At this point, I probably never will."

Excuse me, Brad, but what on earth have you been doing for the past 56 years that you've never found the time to watch either of these iconic films? You'd think one of his seven roommates might have sat him down and made him watch, but apparently not. Sure, The Sound of Music is almost three hours long and Gone With The Wind is nearly four hours, but that's no excuse. Clarke Gable! Vivien Leigh! Julie Andrews!

Pitt is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood and if he wins it will be his first time winning an individual Academy Award, although he was a producer 2014's Best Picture winner, 12 Years a Slave. Coincidentally, do you know what else won Best Picture? Gone With the Wind and The Sound of Music.

Look, we'll always love you Brad, but we think it's very important that you take some time tomorrow soon to sit back, relax and enjoy these two incredible, if lengthly, classics.

Abby Hepworth


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