The Simple Design Trick That Bobby Berk Uses to Add Interest to a Dining Room

When it comes to home design, there’s a very fine line between “eclectic-chic” and “dumpster fire.” Thank God for Bobby Berk.

The Queer Eye star just offered some advice to take a dining space from cookie-cutter to effortlessly mismatched (along with a drool-worthy Instagram as proof). The trick is in the chairs.

“Today we are tackling how to mix and match dining room chairs, like I did in this recent dining room design,” he said. “My tips? Keep your chair design similar and mix up the color and textures (or vice versa) and stick to switching up just the two end chairs.”

According to Bobby, you can mix and match as you please…as long as you keep one element the same. Risk-taking pays off, guys.

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