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ICYMI: Venerable cool girl Blake Lively recently Instagrammed her new KonMari’d beauty drawer and revealed all the products she uses. Besides the soothing effect an organized drawer has on me, I was delighted to recognize some familiar products. Like the 31-year-old A Simple Favor star, I also use Exo Biodigital Perfection Moisturizer and Darphin Intral Environmental Lightweight Shield SPF 50.

Some might balk at the price tag for both—the face moisturizer will run you $118 and the sunscreen is $43 for a tiny bottle—but honestly, they’re worth it. Hear me out.

Like Lively, I’m at the age where anti-aging is starting to become a thing. I didn’t pay much mind (or literal dollars) to the products I used in my younger years, but I couldn’t help but notice my problem skin, melasma and less glow-y complexion at the advent of my late 20s. So when I got an email informing me of a perfecting moisturizer with clean ingredients like vitamin C, blue algae, coconut oil, Irish moss and vitamin E, my ears perked up.  


After using eXo’s face moisturizer for a couple of days, my skin felt—dare I say, hydrated. After a couple of months of use, I noticed my complexion was a bit brighter and my skin suddenly started feeling like a baby’s bottom. The fine lines around my eyes were even a little less apparent. In addition to the results I saw, the moisturizer’s benefits also list inflammation control and cell renewal as bragging rights. 

The lotion is meant to streamline your beauty routine and can be used alone (yep, no oils, eye creams, etc.) morning and night on all skin types. Because it glides on so smoothly, I only use a tiny dollop, so a bottle lasts a long time.

Now, I do use Glamglow’s super serum ($65) in addition to the moisturizer, but mostly because I’m a product junkie. Which leads me to my next point…

Darphin Intral Enviornmental Lightweight Sheild SPF 50

As a Californian, I spend a ton of time outdoors and developed some melasma because of that. I asked a friend for a sunscreen rec and when she pointed me in the direction of Darphin’s SPF 50, I was skeptical because of the price. Nonetheless, I ordered it and have been obsessed ever since.

It doesn’t leave a greasy residue, so I don’t get acne flare-ups because of it, and the tiny bottle (it’s 1.1 ounces) usually lasts me six months. It’s also made of 100 percent minerals, is paraben-free and protects from UVA and UVB rays. It’s surprisingly mattifying, so I even use it as a base under my makeup.

Sure, Blake Lively’s beauty products might pack a hefty price tag, but this editor can attest they’re worth it.

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