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Girlboss is taking over Netflix and, girl, it's nasty. The comedy series inspired by Sophia Amoruso’s namesake book—and starring Britt Robertson—portrays an insider's view of her (eventual) multimillion-dollar fashion empire. But if you stick around for all 13 of the binge-worthy episodes, you’ll realize there’s more to Amoruso than vintage clothing and platform stilettos. Peruse these five reasons why Sophia Amoruso is one Nasty Gal.

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Girlboss Netflix 1

She Knows What She Wants

From dumpster diving to theft, Amoruso’s eyes never stray from the prize (cha-ching). Although she took a few untraditional steps to get there, we have to applaud her one-track mind for chasing after the American dream like a true Girlboss.

Girlboss Netflix 2

But Doesn't Want Help From Others

Amoruso could have accepted help from Daddy and avoided her disastrous initial money crisis, but where's the fun in that?

Girlboss Netflix 3

Her Childhood Wasn't Perfect

At first glance, it seems like she has it all, but we quickly learn the Amoruso family is more Bluth than Cleaver. In fact, underneath her self-absorbed demeanor lays a thick-skinned girl who had an MIA mother, an overly critical father and major abandonment issues that transformed her into an egotistical entrepreneur.

Girlboss Netflix 4

But She Apologizes For Nothing

Amoruso is never punctual, narcissistic and desperately needs some Pepto for her uncontrollable word vomit. But behind the tough girl act, she’s a real person who just wants to be accepted.

Girlboss Netflix 5

And We Can't Help But Root for Her

Sure, this girl is willing to trample any poor honey that gets in her way. But despite Amoruso’s seemingly lamentable life choices, she is (no doubt) a badass. And our Netflix-loving hearts respect—and binge-watch—her for it. 

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