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Bill Murray accepts calls only through an 800 number, has zero qualms about taking food from strangers’ plates and has taken many a joyride on children’s bicycles through Walmarts across the nation. And now he’s at it again, but this time he helped a couple announce their pregnancy with a very-Murray video. Join us as we explore seven legendary moments when Bill Murray acted like Bill Murray.

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When He Helped a Couple Announce Their Pregnancy

Expectant parents Robbie and Kirsten Schloss attended the Cubs playoff game at Wrigley Field in Chicago on October 9 and just so happened to find themselves sitting next to the legendary actor. According to Robbie, the couple chatted with Murray “casually during the game,” and when it came time for the seventh-inning stretch, the father-to-be asked Murray to help them announce their pregnancy to their parents. Murray obliged and recorded a video for the couple’s family, saying, “Hey, I got news for you… You’re going to be grandparents!” After his spot-on delivery, Murray pointed to the Schlosses, who beamed, “We’re having a baby!”

bill murray engagement photo shoot
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When He Casually Posed For Engagement Photos

An unsuspecting Charleston couple was awoken from their engagement photo reverie when Murray attempted to distract them by lifting up his shirt and tapping his belly (as one does). Photographer Raheel Gauba asked Murray if he would join the couple’s shoot, and this magical snap went down in history.

Bill Murray Dodgeball
Christopher DiLella

When He Joined A Friendly Game Of Kickball

Murray charged the field in the middle of a Roosevelt Island kickball game in NYC. He managed to get in a couple of runs, dole out some high-fives and literally sweep the mother of one player off her feet and into his arms. Bill Murray = dreamboat.

Bill Murray Best Moments6
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When He Moonlighted as a Brooklyn Bartender

New York bars are a dime a dozen, but not when Bill Murray is playing barkeep. Murray helped his son Homer celebrate the opening of his Brooklyn restaurant, 21 Greenpoint, by agreeing to take on a shift as a bartender. Not only was Murray an hour late for the shift, but he reportedly scoffed at the customers’ lackluster tips.

Bill Murray Best Moments 5
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

When He Tagged Along On A Bachelor Party

After happening upon a Charleston bachelor party, Murray joined the group and offered his priceless words of wisdom on the topic of marriage: “If you have someone that you think is The One... Buy a plane ticket for the two of you to travel all around the world, and go to places that are hard to go to and hard to get out of. And if when you land at JFK, you’re still in love with that person, get married at the airport.” Profound.

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When He Showed Up at a Bill Murray-Themed Ice-Cream Social

After hearing the Groundhog Day actor was in town working on a film, the owner of Los Angeles-based CVT Soft Serve threw a Bill Murray-themed ice-cream social in hopes the legend would grace the crowd with his majestic presence. Murray did indeed make an appearance, and it was magical.

And Finally, When He Pretended To Be The Next Bob Costas

Few people on earth are bigger Chicago Cubs fans than Murray. So when his home team won the World Series in 2016, Bill Murray celebrated in the only way Bill Murray can. He bounded with vigor into the Cubs’ locker room armed with bottles of Champagne. Then he stole borrowed a reporter’s microphone and interviewed all-star Dexter Fowler. Why, you ask? Because he’s Bill Murray, of course.

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