‘Virgin River’ Star Ben Hollingsworth Reveals His Season 4 Underwear Problems on IG

Virgin River season four is introducing a whole new set of problems, according to Ben Hollingsworth (who plays Dan Brady). And the biggest one involves his underwear.

This week, the 37-year-old actor posted a photo on his Instagram Story that offers a rare glimpse into the reality of filming the Netflix show. Hollingsworth apparently went home in a pair of “camera underwear” instead of returning them to the Virgin River costume department. This prompted a crew member to inquire about the prop, and the text thread is priceless.

ben hollingsworth text

The photo is a screenshot of an iMessage conversation that took place between Hollingsworth and the show’s assistant director, Kunal Keram. The A.D. kicked things off, writing, “Hey Ben, tomorrow could you please bring back your camera underwear.”

Hollingsworth poked fun at the situation, saying, “I was hoping you’d ask me that. Now I can die a happy man.”

Keram proceeded to say what we’re all thinking. “Hahaha,” he wrote. And then added, “THE SHOW DESPERATELY NEEDS YOUR UNDERWEAR.” To which Hollingsworth responded, “Hahahaha! Do they ever.”

Hollingsworth added, “Season 4 problems.”

Unfortunately, Hollingsworth didn’t say why he wore “camera underwear” and not his own. Perhaps he went commando to set one day. Or maybe the actor’s real-life boxers aren’t sexy enough to be shown on-screen. Either way, the questions are endless.

On the bright side, it seems Virgin River season four may be even sexier than previous installments.

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