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This Sweat-Absorbing Bra Liner Is the Best Way to Prevent Swamp Boob (Yes, That’s a Thing)
Sofia Kraushaar
  • Value: 16/20
  • Functionality: 18/20
  • Quality/Ease of Use: 20/20
  • Aesthetics: 20/20
  • Comfort: 17/20
  • TOTAL: 91/100

I should start by admitting that I am the sweatiest person I know. I cannot comprehend the idea of leaving the gym to immediately head to work or cocktails or really anyplace that isn't a cold shower. I loathe winter coats because they are too effective at trapping my body heat and cause me to start sweating almost immediately after putting them on (yes, even once outside and, yes, even when it’s below 20 degrees). Simply put, I run hot. So when I first heard mention of Belly Bandit’s “Don't Sweat It” bra liners, I immediately knew I had to test this miracle product for myself. And, spoiler alert, they did not disappoint.

What exactly is a bra liner and what’s it supposed to do?

Think of it as a sweatband, like those Björn Borg so loved to wear, but for your boobs. It sits just below your breasts to absorb any excess perspiration and minimize the likelihood of annoying sweat marks or stains appearing on your clothing.

Sounds pretty cool (pun intended). How does it work?

The one-size-fits-all liner slips under the bottom of your bra at the front and is held in place by your bra’s band. The viscose material, made from bamboo, wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry as you go about your day.

OK, got it. But does it actually work?

An equally sweaty colleague and I each wore our liners for one hot, humid NYC summer week (with regular washing, of course). I was surprised by how comfortable it was and actually forgot I was wearing it at all. The minimalist design and neutral color options (black, beige, light pink) didn’t stick out or look bizarre once positioned in place and for the most part just looked like an extension of my regular bra. It also seemed to fit and work equally well with an underwire push-up as it did with a minimally supportive lace bralette. And the lack of gross sweat marks on my bras at the end of the day made me unreasonably happy, as did the noticeable lack of sweat droplets running down my front throughout the day. My only complaint? The liner didn't go all the way around my torso to help combat back sweat, too.

As for my co-worker, she had more mixed feelings. “On the plus side, it was definitely effective at absorbing sweat (and dried quickly, so I wasn’t stuck with a gross semi-wet situation). On the not-so-great side, I found that having additional fabric pressed up against my body—even though it’s pretty small—made me hotter than I would be otherwise. I can see this being a great option for wearing under colors that show sweat stains, but seeing as 95 percent of my wardrobe consists of black, I found it to be kind of unnecessary.”

Final thoughts:

Although my colleague likely won’t continue using Belly Bandit’s liner, I definitely plan to. It increased my comfort level enough that I now make special note to wear it when the humidity is high or I know I’ll be running around the city for large chunks of the day.

Wait, isn’t Belly Bandit a maternity brand?

Yes, and these liners were created specifically with pregnant women in mind. But even those of us who are not expecting could use a little help dealing with excess sweat (or even a perfectly normal amount of it).

BUY IT ($40 for set of two)

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