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We know a lot (too much, some might argue) about Barbie. For one, she’s an expert pilot, art teacher, gym coach, doctor, surgeon, veterinarian and flight attendant. She also has some siblings (Skipper! Kelly!), and she’s married to Ken. But what we didn’t realize (and, clearly, neither did anyone else) was that she has a last name (and FYI, it’s not “Doll”). That’s right: On National Siblings Day, Barbie tweeted out a sweet pic of her and her sisters with the caption “Happy #SiblingsDay, from the Roberts sisters.” Wait...what?! 

Yep, turns out, according to Barbie’s Wikipedia page, she was named after the creator’s daughter, Barbara, and her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts. Mind. Blown. The internet couldn’t handle it either, with the original Barbie tweet generating thousands of retweets and likes, and people losing their damn minds over Barbie’s long lost last name.

Fun fact No. 2: Ken, Barbie’s on-and-off love interest, has a last name too. It’s Carson. But Barbie’s too much of a badass to change her last name. (And the two were actually never married. We know, we were shocked, too.) 

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