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‘Bachelorette Episode 9 Recap: Meet the Lindsays
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Last night on episode nine of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay put her final three suitors to the test and introduced them to the Lindsay clan. Here's how it went down.

Peter heads to home plate as our leadoff batter of the evening. Before he and Lindsay enter the family's home, Peter brings up their awkward hometown date and says he wants to clarify his confusing (and frustrating) actions. “I want you to have confidence in us and in me,” he explains. “I am falling in love with you.” Praise be, finally. Lindsay admits her feelings are mutual, and she’s falling in love with him too.

When they enter the house, Peter recounts their admissions of love convo (that legit happened 30 seconds prior) to the entire Lindsay family. In a collective approval that mimics that of the “Hercules! Hercules!” scene from The Nutty Professor, the Lindsay family is clearly tickled with joy by this personal anecdote. Oh, sans the approval from one majorly important player—Lindsay's dad—a federal judge who wouldn’t be caught dead on an episode of The Bachelorette.

Lindsay's sister Constance and her husband, Alex, are the first to chat with Peter one-on-one, and they end up really hitting it off. Next, Peter has a solo conversation with Lindsay's mom, Kathy. He's up front about his reticence to jump right into an engagement with her daughter after such a short courtship, and Kathy seems pleased that Peter is not trying to rush things.

Second batter up is Eric. Once he and Lindsay enter the house, Lindsay's Uncle Jeff asks Eric if he’s one of the guys from the After the Final Rose episode. Eric immediately lights up with excitement at the realization he's already a Lindsay household fan favorite.

Eric speaks frankly to the family about his unusual personal family dynamics and then sits down with Constance to wax poetic about his unconditional love for Lindsay. Constance appears to be temporarily taken by his confessions of love for her sister and says she can tell he’s ready to settle down.

Unfortunately, she’s not as confident about his long-term compatibility with her sister and is concerned that he's never been in love before. Lindsay's mother shares similar sentiments, though she says yes when Eric asks for permission to propose to Lindsay...if he feels ready when the time comes.

Meanwhile, Lindsay sits down with her cousin Andrea and discusses her concerns about Eric’s nearly non-existent relationship history. Andrea responds with her two cents by reminding Lindsay that Eric “isn’t a fairy-tale person.” She goes on to say that he's actually mature enough to know he’s never been in love before, and that’s a good sign.

Overall, Lindsay’s family seems to really dig Eric’s sincerity, but their only concern is that he might not be ready for marriage. Guess the final three are more alike than we initially thought...

Unlike her two prior dates, Lindsay kicks off Bryan’s date by introducing him to two of her very close friends. These two girlfriends are the people who made her sign up for The Bachelor in the first place. So, naturally, Bryan and the gals skip the small talk and immediately get down to the nitty-gritty. They seem impressed when Bryan says he wants “something serious.” Such a smooth operator, that Bryan.

But then again, maybe not so much... Things take a turn for the worse back at the Lindsay household. Bryan boasts about his strong relationship with his mother and says, “She’s the number one woman in my life.” (Pardon us while we take a minute to vom...) This, obviously, does not go over well with the family, who then begin grilling him about who he'd side with if his wife and mother had a disagreement. Bryan says his wife but it kinda really seems like he would choose his mother. Constance really isn't having it and becomes physically disgusted by Bryan’s presence. “Bryan’s a charmer,” Constance tells the producers. “He’s direct and open, but I don’t see the sincerity factor.” Amen, girlfriend.

At this point, Lindsay is pissed. Bryan is clearly the front-runner, and her family is putting him through the ringer.

Before heading out, Lindsay sits down with her mom and explains that her connection with Bryan is strong because they're very open about their feelings, which is something she values in a relationship. Kathy pushes back and questions her daughter's use of the term "love," especially taking into consideration the short amount of time she's known this man. 

And with that, the family introductions are complete, and Lindsay takes the men on a romantic adventure to Rioja, Spain, to prepare for—you guessed it—Fantasy Suites!

Eric and Lindsay start things off with an idyllic helicopter ride over Rioja's sweeping vineyards. Later, at dinner, Eric finally starts to open up, and Lindsay jumps at the opportunity to get answers. She asks, “Do you feel like you’re ready to leap forward… to get down on a knee and marry this person?” Eric responds, saying, “You embody everything I would want in a wife...I’m just here to say that I’m in love with you.” And with that, they take their relationship to the “next level” and enter the Fantasy Suite. Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

After an evening with Eric, Lindsay meets up with Peter and is ready to get to the bottom of the engagement debacle (or lack thereof). After visiting a winery, the couple sits down for a serious conversation. Lindsay doesn’t hold back and takes advantage of the opportunity to share what’s on her mind. “I didn’t come this far and put my life on hold just to have a boyfriend at the end,” she says. “I could have done that without all of this.” Atta, girl. You tell him! Then, Peter explains he respects her feelings but an engagement is a huge deal for him. It’s something he wants to do only once and, therefore, doesn’t want to jump into anything that could potentially come to an end. Ouchies.

At this point, Lindsay is in tears and her disappointment is evident. While talking with the producers, she gives a heartbreaking plea, saying, “I really don’t know what to say. I was hopeful for what Peter and I could be, and just like that, I didn’t see it. The best word I can use to describe it is devastating. Absolutely devastating. For the first time ever, I’m thinking Peter and I might not work out.” *Sobs* Say it ain't so!

And in true Bachelorette fashion, episode nine ends with that heart-crushing cliff-hanger. Guess we’ll just have to be patient until the Fantasy Suite dates resume on August 7.

Up next: The men tell all...

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