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Last night, on episode eight of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay kicked off our favorite once-a-season event—the infamous hometown dates. From Bryan's judgmental mom to Dean's unusual family dynamic, keep reading for details on Lindsay's first encounters with her suitors' families.

Bachelorette Episode 8 Eric Rachel Lindsay
ABC/Randy Sager

Eric (Baltimore, Maryland)

Eric starts things off by showing Lindsay a fundamental piece of his childhood—the local basketball court. Lindsay (clad in stilettos, natch) doesn’t miss a beat and sinks basket after basket. Following the game, Eric’s cousin Ralph stops by and dives into a rehearsed heartfelt speech about how much he looks up to his cousin.

Eric then brings Lindsay to meet his family, who greets the couple with one of the warmest welcomes in hometown date history. Throughout the visit, Eric raves to his parents about the woman of the hour, and it’s very obvious they’d do anything to call Lindsay their daughter-in-law. At the end of the night, Eric tells her he loves her but then retracts his statement by saying, “What I mean by that is, I really care about you, like a lot.” Pull it together, Eric.

Bachelorette Episode 8 Bryan Rachel Lindsay
ABC/Rodrigo Varela

Bryan (Miami, Florida)

Bryan serves up a real Miami experience for Lindsay, including a game of dominos with old men, deliciously authentic arepas, salsa dancing and a matriarchal threat.

After reminding her (like, 50 times) that he’s an only child, Bryan takes Lindsay to meet his family. His mom, Olga, is extremely skeptical of the couple’s seemingly superficial—not to mention brief—relationship and reminds her mama’s boy that marriage is a serious commitment. Olga channels The Godfather in a scary private conversation with Lindsay, saying, “When you marry Bryan, you’re marrying his family too. If he’s happy, I’m happy. If not, I’ll kill you.” Well, then. By the end of the night, Olga—shockingly—gives Lindsay her stamp of approval, Bryan proclaims his love for her and Lindsay practically melts with happiness.

Bachelorette Episode 8 Peter Rachel Lindsay
ABC/George Burns

Peter (Madison, Wisconsin)

To kick off their date, Peter takes Lindsay to a farmers’ market and introduces her to his friends. After the introductions, Peter asks to speak to his pals alone and expresses his concerns about proposing to Lindsay after so little time (um, red flag number one).

Later on, Lindsay meets Peter’s family and practically goes weak at the knees when she sees him playing with his niece. In a private conversation with his mother, Peter confides (and confirms Lindsay’s suspicion) that he may not be ready to propose (red flag number two). Still, Peter’s mom ignores her son's concerns (for reasons that are beyond us) and attempts to reassure Lindsay that her son is, in fact, ready for marriage. At the end of the night, it's clear Lindsay wants more from Peter, but by the time he realizes this, it's too little too late.

Bachelorette Episode 8 Dean Rachel Lindsay
ABC/Josh Vertucci

Dean (Aspen, Colorado)

For the grand finale, Lindsay heads to Dean’s native Aspen. Remember, Dean hasn’t seen his dad in two years, his family hasn’t been under the same roof in eight years and, as of six years ago, his father goes by the name of Paramroop Singh Khalsa, which translates to “divinely beautiful.”

Dean takes Lindsay to Paramroop’s house and nervously greets his family with a “What’s up, squad?” before sitting on the floor (there are no tables or chairs in Paramroop’s home). Paramroop proceeds to bang a gong while the family meditates, then says he wants to speak to Dean for a one-on-one, father-son catch-up.

What happens next is truly difficult to watch. Dean gathers up the courage to confront his father about his absence from his life and Paramroop becomes startlingly defensive. The two men raise their voices amid a blur of bleeped-out words until we see Paramroop exiting the house, exclaiming, “Have a nice life.” Our hearts seriously go out to poor sweet Deanie baby.

Lindsay comforts Dean, and he opens up just enough to tell her he's falling in love with her. She reassures him that his family wasn't all that bad and admits her feelings are mutual. Awww.

Bachelorette Episode 8 Rose Ceremony

The Rose Ceremony

Finally, it's time for the rose ceremony. Lindsay hands roses to Bryan, Eric and Peter, which means Dean is left empty-handed. As Lindsay walks Dean out, she tells him that she doesn't think he’s ready for the next step and, therefore, knows this is the right decision. Her rejection feels even harsher after his blowout fight with his father. (Cue the Charlie Brown music.)

And that's all for episode eight, folks. Next week we see how the men handle meeting Lindsay's family...

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