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‘Bachelorette Episode 6 Recap: Rachel Lindsay Sends Basically Everyone Home
ABC/Thomas Lekdorf

Last night, on episode six of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay got to the bottom of the Lee versus Kenny feud like the powerful attorney she is.

We pick up right where we left off in episode five. Kenny confronts Lee about his conversation with Rachel, and Lee denies that he ever said anything about pulling him out of a van (surprise, surprise). After speaking with the witnesses (Kenny and Lee), Rachel decides she simply doesn't trust Lee and sends him packing. Court adjourned. (Cue the collective sigh of relief.)

But as Kenny and Rachel board a helicopter to enjoy the remainder of their date, Kenny makes a questionable decision and runs back to Lee for one last farewell. Kenny tells his fallen foe, “There’s a decent Lee inside there,” before running back to Lindsay, who is just as tired of this crap as we are.

That night, Lindsay tells Kenny that his final farewell with Lee was unnecessary, and Kenny explains that he’s on a journey to becoming a better man, and because of that, he can’t bottle up his feelings. OK, this guy is a lot more emotional than we anticipated. But, at the end of the day, Rachel grants him the rose. She does not, however, grant Josiah one at the ceremony and he is genuinely shocked. (#Ego)

The following day, the group heads to Denmark, and the first one-on-one date goes to Eric. He holds nothing back as he and Rachel explore magical Copenhagen. They take a dip in a hot tub oasis (we want to go to there), ride go-karts at the amusement park and have a heartwarming conversation at dinner. It’s no surprise when Rachel sends Eric back to the mansion with a rose in tow. Oh, and did we mention he wants ten kids? Slow down, buddy.

Dean, Kenny, Bryan, Alex, Matt, Peter and Adam land the next group date, where they compete in classic Viking games consisting of shouting, wrestling (without the use of their extremities) and a whole lot of grease. But in the end, Pretty Boy Pitbull Kenny King walks away victorious—bloody face and all.

Later that night, Rachel hits it off with Bryan and Peter and sits down for a serious conversation with Kenny. Kenny admits that their relationship isn’t progressing as fast as he thought it would, and he’s unsure about his place in the mansion. Rachel decides there’s no point in keeping Kenny from his daughter any longer and sends him packing. Hey, at least he lasted longer than Lee...and maybe that's all he really cared about?

Next up, it’s Will’s turn to shine on the one-on-one date. He and Lindsay head to Sweden, where they explore the city, make minimal physical contact and dance in the street. It’s very obvious these two aren’t meshing, so later that night, Lindsay explains that she can’t give him the rose and thinks they'd be better off as friends. Ouch.

The next day at the rose ceremony, Lindsay also says goodbye to Alex because their feelings aren’t on the “same level.” So, there’s basically no one left…

Well, that’s it for the two-night event. Guess we'll have to wait until The Bachelorette returns in two weeks...sans Lee—phew!

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