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‘The Bachelorette Episode 5 Recap: The Kenny vs. Lee Thing Gets Really, Really Weird
ABC/Thomas Lekdorf

Last night on season 13 of The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay kicked off the first installment of this week's two-night event with more Lee and Kenny drama than we could possibly handle.

It starts right where the episode four cliff-hanger left us. Kenny asks Lee to speak privately and tells him he was wrong to call him “aggressive” because 1) he’s not, and 2) Kenny thought their beef was over, so why all the dramz, Lee? Lee delivers several condescending insults before heading back inside, and Kenny says this is “what a bitch does when a bitch is confronted.” Dayum.

Shortly after, Rachel awards the rose to Bryan. Once she leaves, Kenny congratulates Bryan on his much-deserved win because he “hasn’t snaked other dudes to get to where he’s at.” This prompts Lee to call Kenny an “irremovable couch stain.” Well, these insults are nothing if not creative.

Jack Stone scores the first one-on-one date with Rachel, which starts off OK but ultimately gets…real weird. Sure, a horse-drawn carriage ride sounds great, but this one was full of awkward silences and bad dad jokes. Key takeaways: Jack may be related to “Crazy Eyes” from Orange Is the New Black, he cannot dance to save his life and Lindsay is not interested. So, she sends him packing.

Later, Lindsay decides to forgo the cocktail party and skips straight to the rose ceremony. She sends Iggy and Jonathan home, but not before Jonathan steals one last tickle.

The rest of the group heads to Oslo, Norway, and Bryan lands the first one-on-one date. While exploring the city, he and Lindsay rappel down a 187-foot Olympic ski jump. For the rest of the date, Bryan continues to woo Lindsay—but seriously, have you ever seen her this giddy?! He even manages to drop the “L” word before walking away with the rose.

Back at the hotel, a date card arrives for Adam, Dean, Anthony, Peter, Matt, Will, Alex, Eric and Josiah, which means Lee and Kenny will partake in the two-on-one date…dun dun dun.

On the group date, the men meet Coach Tom, who teaches them how to play handball while wearing skin-tight wrestling uniforms. Will pulls a DeMario circa episode two and brings his A-game on the court, which, ultimately, results in a victory for his team.

The second half of the group date becomes a contest of who can impress Rachel more—Alex reads a heartfelt letter, Josiah attempts to sweet-talk her, Matt embroiders a pillow and Peter grills her with trivia questions. However, it’s Will who eventually walks away with the rose.

And, for the grand finale, Kenny and Lee meet for their two-on-one date. To prepare for the final face-off, Kenny FaceTimes his daughter, while Lee pumps iron, reads novels and journals. Nice work, gents.

On the date, the trio embarks on a helicopter ride, and Rachel spends the next few hours trying to get to the bottom of the Lee vs. Kenny feud. When she confronts Kenny, he admits to some wrongdoings and claims Rachel will see Lee's true colors once she gets to know him better. As for Lee, he ironically begins their conversation by saying, “Can I be honest with you?” then proceeds to tell an obviously fabricated scatological story involving Kenny and a pair of boots. Um, what?

Rachel tells Kenny about Lee's accusations, which only stirs the pot even more. He reassures her that the story is “100 percent false” (thank goodness), but appears baffled at Lee’s flat-out lies. 

As he makes his way back to Lee for the confrontation of the season, Kenny lets out a seriously creepy cackle before the screen fades to black.

Yeah, this week’s continuation couldn't come soon enough.

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