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‘Bachelorette Episode 10 Recap: The Men Tell All
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Last night we had a nice change of pace on episode ten of The Bachelorette. Instead of solely focusing on Rachel Lindsay and her love story, all the eliminated contestants from season 13 gathered for the awkward and emotionally charged spectacle that is the Men Tell All reunion episode.

Chris Harrison opens the show with his usual introduction and calls the men to the stage. Following Dean’s overwhelming applause from the studio audience, the conversation pivots to DeMario (how could it not?) and his episode two confrontation with ex-girlfriend Lexi. Ever the opportunist, DeMario takes the stage to clear further tarnish on his name and explain Lexi is nothing more than a “side chick” and he “texts everybody.” Cool, so we just texted your mom. She's obviously nothing more than mashed potatoes. Then in comes the fairest of them all, Host Harrison, who quickly reminds DeMario that he admitted to dating Lexi on camera. Somehow DeMario either contracted a disease or swallowed a handful of memory eraser pills, because time and again he fails to recall that he voluntarily signed a contract to appear on not one but two reality TV shows where contestants are followed by cameras 24/7. And yes, that was a little Bachelor in Paradise jab.

Meanwhile, Harrison addresses the peanut gallery and specifically asks Kenny about the infamous Lee debacle. Kenny says all of the men agreed to play a “gentleman’s game,” so when Lee broke that promise, there was no turning back. Dean, Kenny's hype-man, chimes in to support his pal's statements, saying, “I will forever have Kenny’s back in that situation.” So bromantic.

Harrison can't seem to let this whole Kenny versus Lee thing go, so he invites him up to the hot seat to sweat it out. Kenny claims that Lee isn't in the same league as the rest of the suitors and, therefore, found joy in tearing the other men down when his insecurities got the best of him. Kenny then switches gears to set the record straight about being labeled as “aggressive.” According to Kenny, now that he's a father, he doesn't want his daughter seeing him in that light—because he's a lover, not a fighter—and always chooses to take the high road. Right on cue, Kenny's daughter, Mckenzie, joins him on stage, hands him a rose and says she's proud of him for coming in eighth place. Awww!

Finally, it’s Lee’s turn to take the stage. He starts off by addressing his feud with Kenny and then moves on to a series of questionable, and since deleted, tweets that the press took as racist and misogynistic. Lee stresses this is all a misunderstanding and everything was meant to be a joke, but his fellow season 13 contestants are really not having it and use the next 30 minutes to give him a verbal tongue lashing and a half. First, Kenny says he wants Lee to take ownership for his actions, then Josiah questions Lee's intentions for coming on the show and Anthony comes in with the denouement and says Lee is a bad person regardless if his racial slurs were intentional or unintentional. Everyone in the audience gives Anthony a standing ovation (including us and our gal pals Rosé and Chardonnay). The cowardly lion Lee, is physically shaken and admits he made some mistakes and hopes to be a better friend and person moving forward.

Next, Dean steps up to the plate and opens up about his heartbreak from his bizarro hometown date. Poor guy. But, wait! There's a clearing in the emotional thunderstorm cloud that follows Dean everywhere he goes. After taking a moment to reflect on the wonderful connection he had with Lindsay, Dean announces that he’s ready to move on and will appear on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise, set to premiere on Monday, August 14, on ABC. It's going to be SO. GOOD.

At last, Lindsay joins Harrison and Dean on stage. After a brief confrontation, Lindsay assures Dean that she was falling in love with him (she swears!) and wishes him the best of luck in all his future endeavors—mai tais, tequila shots and all.

Once Dean says his final goodbye, Harrison asks Lindsay about the Kenny-Lee situation. Lindsay admits that Kenny could’ve handled the situation better and wishes the focus was on their relationship, not the drama. As for Lee, Lindsay simply addresses him, saying, “You had such an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by different people and different cultures and you didn’t take advantage of that.” Buh-bye now, Lee.

And with that, episode ten draws to a close...but not before Casanova Kenny throws out one last Hail Mary to win Lindsay's love, “If Bryan, Eric or Peter don’t work out, you already know my number.” Drops mic in a pile of rose petals with Boyz II Men singing in the background. #KENNYFORBACHELOR

We can’t wait to tune in to The Bachelorette next Monday, August 7, for the final chapter of Lindsay's epic love story. Until then, reality romantics...

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