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On May 22, Rachel Lindsay will claim her throne as the Queen of Roses for the season 13 premiere of The Bachelorette. In order to properly prepare for your Monday night plans over the next three months, ABC just released the details of the 31 strapping gentlemen vying for Lindsay’s heart and the final rose.

Hint hint: Lindsay revealed on a Bachelorette press call today, “I am very much so in love and very much so engaged.” (!!!)

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The Bachelorette Adam
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Adam, 27

A real estate agent from Dallas who couldn't find a nicer shirt.


The Bachelorette Alex
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Alex, 28

An information systems supervisor from Michigan. Hello, tall, dark and handsome.

The Bachelorette Anthony
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Anthony, 26

An education software manager from Chicago with a penchant for diamond studs.

The Bachelorette Blake E
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Blake E., 31

An aspiring drummer from Marina del Rey, California, who may be wearing white eyeliner.

The Bachelorette Blake K
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Blake K., 29

A U.S. Marine veteran from San Francisco. Bonus points for the trustworthy smile.

The Bachelorette Brady
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Brady, 29

A male model from Miami who bares a suspicious resemblance to Cody Simpson.

The Bachelorette Bryan
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Bryan, 37

A chiropractor from Miami. He’s really leaning in to this whole Bachelorette thing.

The Bachelorette Bryce
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Bryce, 30

A firefighter from Orlando, Florida, with a very pronounced jawline.

The Bachelorette Dean
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Dean, 26

A startup recruiter from Venice, California, who may not be old enough for the Fantasy Suite.

The Bachelorette Demario
Craig Sjodin/ABC

DeMario, 30

An executive recruiter from Century City, California. Is that the key to Rachel’s heart around his neck?

The Bachelorette Eric
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Eric, 29

A personal trainer from Los Angeles, with brows on point.

The Bachelorette Fred
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Fred, 27

An executive assistant from Dallas who mastered business casual.

The Bachelorette Grant
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Grant, 29

An emergency medicine physician from New York City, New York. He looks slightly nervous.

The Bachelorette Iggy
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Ignacio “Iggy,” 30

A consulting firm CEO from Chicago, and he’s got the power pose to prove it.

The Bachelorette Jack Stone
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Jack Stone, 32

An attorney from Dallas. We wonder if he and Rachel ever faced off in a courtroom.

The Bachelorette Jamey
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Jamey, 32

A sales account executive from Santa Monica, California, with muscles to rival former Bachelorette contestant Chad Johnson.

The Bachelorette Jedidiah
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Jedidiah, 35

An ER physician from Augusta, Georgia, who clearly knows how to work an eyelash curler.

The Bachelorette Jonathan
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Jonathan, 31

A tickle monster from New Smyrna Beach, Florida. For real...

The Bachelorette Josiah
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Josiah, 28

A prosecuting attorney from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Who could take legal action against those eyes?

The Bachelorette Kenneth
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Kenneth “Diggy,” 31

A senior inventory analyst from Chicago. His t-shirt looks like it’s made out of fiancé material.

The Bachelorette Kenny
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Kenny, 35

Both the “crier” of the season and a professional wrestler from Las Vegas. Not to be confused with Kenneth “Diggy.”

The Bachelorette Kyle
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Kyle, 26

A marketing consultant from Los Angeles, with Abercrombie & Fitch level Henley game.

The Bachelorette Lee
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Lee, 30

A singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Will his Bachelorette love song be sweeter than Luke Pell’s from Jojo Fletcher’s season?

The Bachelorette Lucas
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Lucas, 30

A self-proclaimed “Whaboom” from Santa Monica, California...Lucas defines a Whaboom as “a lifestyle. It’s an essence. It’s who he is. It’s a noun, it’s a verb, it’s an adverb. You can be Whaboom, you can be Whaboomed, and you can Whaboom. You can call somebody a Whaboom.” OK then.

The Bachelorette Matthew
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Matthew “Matt,” 32

A construction sales rep from Meriden, Connecticut. The question remains: can he do handy work?

The Bachelorette Michael
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Michael, 26

A former professional basketball player from Chicago. We see that tatt.

The Bachelorette Milton
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Milton, 31

A hotel recreation supervisor from North Bay Village, Florida, with A plus smizing skills.

The Bachelorette Mohit
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Mohit, 26

A product manager who hails from Pacifica, California, with a great head of hair.

The Bachelorette Peter
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Peter, 31

Both the “bad boy” of the season and business owner from Madison.

The Bachelorette Rob
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Robert “Rob,” 30

A law student from Houston, Texas. Higher education looks good on him.

The Bachelorette Will
Craig Sjodin/ABC

Will, 28

A sales manager from Miami, with those dimples, though.

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