Chris Harrison Gives His Take on the Madison Theory During Surprise Appearance on ‘Ellen’

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

When it comes to who is going to win Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, it seems like everyone in America has a theory—and that includes Ellen DeGeneres. During a segment of The Ellen DeGeneres Show calledThe Masked DJ” (which aired on Wednesday), the television host brought out a person in disguise (think The Masked Singer) and attempted to guess the identity of the individual under the Panda costume.

And while the character’s clues included both “wine” and “drama,” DeGeneres was shocked to discover that the Panda was none other than Chris Harrison. So, of course, the 62-year-old comedian took the opportunity to voice what she thinks will happen on the remaining episodes of the hit television show.

“OK, so Madison left,” DeGeneres said. “But the mother of Peter is crying saying ‘Bring her back’ in the previews. That obviously is Madison and he’s going to listen to his mommy, I think. So, she comes back.” Harrison’s response? Neither a confirmation or a denial.

“Well, as Peter has proven throughout the season with the original Hannah (not Hannah Ann), with Alayah, nobody’s ever gone from this show this season. So, it’s never over apparently.” How vague and confusing.

And while Harrison may not be able to spill the beans, there’s definitely other evidence to support the theory that the Alabama native ends up with Pilot Pete.

In the words of Chris Harrison, “We’re about to find out.”