We're Upgrading Our Desk with This Super-Pretty Rose-Gold Keyboard

rose gold keyboard hero new

If you've been staring at the same desk set-up since you started this job, then it's probably time to switch things up and reenergize your space. Sure, you could add a vase of flowers or a new mouse pad, but why not go all in on a splurge-worthy change like this vintage-inspired rose-gold keyboard from Azio?

The retro design was inspired by old-school typewriters and features a copper metal lining along the edges of the board and each of the keys. It also comes in a black leather version with either a rose-gold or sleek onyx trim. All three are available for preorder in either a wireless Bluetooth version ($189) or classic USB version ($159).

Head over to Azio’s landing page on Indiegogo to pick one up for yourself. Bonus: It might even make you look forward to answering all those emails cluttering your inbox.

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