Aurate's Home Try-On Jewelry Box Includes Advice from a Celeb Stylist

At this point, we order pretty much everything online, from books and groceries to contact lenses.

Some things, though, can be a little tricky to commit to without seeing them in person. Things like jewelry. (Who wants to spend a bunch of money on a necklace only to realize that it's too short?)

Enter Curate, a program by fine jewelry brand AUrate, that takes the guesswork out of buying baubles online. It's essentially a home try-on service with a twist: The jewelry you're trying on (and hopefully buying) has been hand-selected by celebrity stylists.

Here's how it works: First, choose between a long survey (great for first-timers) or a short survey that will determine your personal style, taste and budget. Then, you'll be connected to a stylist (right now you can work with Jamie Frankel, who has styled Christie Brinkley, Nina Agdal and Karolina Kurkova).

She'll help you create your own personalized box of five pieces, which will then be delivered to your door, with no upfront cost. For the next seven days, you can try the pieces out, before deciding what you want to buy and what you want to send back. The box itself is free, but if you decide to buy individual pieces, prices range from $25 to $2,800.

We'll be honest, though: We can imagine it's pretty hard to part with any of these gorgeous pieces once you've tried them on.

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