Aubrey Plaza Spills the Tea on Her Favorite Jonas Brother & the Time She Slid into Joe’s DMs

aubrey plaza 4

Looks like we have more in common with Aubrey Plaza than we thought, because when it comes to the Jonas Brothers she, too “can’t pick a favorite.”

PureWow sat down to chat with the Parks and Recreation star about her partnership with Barefoot Wine & Bubbly for their latest campaign, “Summer Dream,” which launched the company’s new wine spritzer and hard seltzer. During the interview, the 35-year-old actress opened up about the time she slid into Joe Jonas’s Instagram DMs in hopes of getting tickets to a Jonas Brothers concert for her younger sister’s birthday. Surprisingly, it worked.

“I will say that Joe Jonas (I mean they are all) but he is so sweet,” she said. “Like the fact that he even responded to my message and got us into the show is just so beyond me, because they are just so famous and so busy. I was just blown away by how generous he was and how sweet he was.”

And while it seems like Joe might be the frontrunner for her fave of the bunch, it was Kevin who really made a lasting impression. “The other surprise was when I met them backstage, I was shocked at how funny Kevin was,” she continued. “I was like ‘This guy is hilarious’ and instantly we had a connection. I don’t know why I kind of had this idea in my mind that he would be kind of standoffish and serious, but he was seriously funny and I was like ‘Damn, I love Kevin.’”

We would gladly sip spritzers with Aubrey and Kevin any day of the week.

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