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Rather than trying to diminish stretch marks with various creams and brushing remedies (the norm these days), 21-year-old Spanish artist and teacher Cinta Tort Cartró (or Zinteta on Instagram) is hard at work flipping that body-negative narrative. 

Instead, she's turning stretch marks into works of art with glittering, colorful paint. Think: A fiery blaze cascading up a woman's thigh, or a bunch of gentle waves across a female butt. 

As Cartró told Yahoo Beauty, “It all started as a form of expression, but it quickly turned into social commentary of the male-dominated culture we live in.”

Most recently, Cartró has delved into works geared at normalizing menstruation or even lady parts, as a whole.  

We can't wait to see which issue she takes her sparkly paintbrush to next. 

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