Antoni from ‘Queer Eye’ Shows Off His Secret Talent on Instagram, and…Wow

Fans of Queer Eye (hi, us!) already know that Fab Five food and wine expert Antoni Porowski is a talented chef, cookbook author and graphic tee enthusiast. But what you might not know is that the 35-year old is also a damn good pianist and singer. 

The avocado lover recently shared a video of himself on Instagram covering Coldplay's The Scientist and, guys, he's actually good.

The Queer Eye star appears to be at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco playing a grand piano in his bathrobe. (Why is he only wearing a fluffy white bathrobe and slippers? Is this piano in his hotel room or is he performing in the lobby? If it's the latter, why weren't we invited? We have so many questions.)

He captioned the video: "STILL GOT IT, KIDS. Jk I had the lyrics on my phone nearby." 

Lyrics on standby or not, we're seriously impressed with Antoni's piano-playing skills and those pipes. And judging by the video's comments, we're not the only ones. "My heart, it yearns," posted one user. Another proclaimed, "Okay so another thing to make you even more perfect."

Considering that the foodie is friends with Gwyneth Paltrow (here they are making meatloaf together), maybe she can put in a good word with her ex and Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin. Can you imagine the two of them performing together? It's the duet we didn't know we needed. 

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