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Getting ready (washing your hair and putting on makeup) is seriously the WORST. Successful and beautiful actress, podcast host and procrastinator extraordinaire Anna Faris is clearly aware of the struggle. The live-tweeting sequence of her daylong getting-ready sesh for hubby Chris Pratt's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 premiere will have you saying "same" after every single tweet. Thank you, Anna, for taking us along on this wonderful, joyous journey and not requiring us to get out of bed or wash our hair. A true angel.

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8:24 A.M.: Shower Time

Her day began as so many of ours do: stalling/getting ready to take a shower. 

8:27 A.M.: Back In Bed

Bed is the more logical place to be (always). 

8:32 A.M.: Annoying Chris

Seriously, and he’s a yogi?!

9:01 A.M.: Scrolling Through Pictures

That’s what kids are for, right?

9:19 A.M.: Fresh(ish) Faced And Ready To Go

It did take over an hour to perfect that winged eyeliner yesterday. 

12:03 P.M.: More Reminiscing

Gah, why are you guys the best?

3:11 P.M.: Kitchen/Hair Salon

Get it together, Bridget. You know curling irons go in the cutlery drawer and hairsprays in the spice cabinet.

3:17 P.M.: Time Of The Assault

Better call that hunky, yogi husband to save the day.

4:03 P.M.: Facetime

How could he ever be annoyed with that face (and those abs)?



4:56 P.M.: Chris Pratt Gets Blowouts

Mind. Blown. 

5:19 P.M.: Go Time

Ready in five (plus 15). 

5:40 P.M.: Late (Whoops)

Story of our lives.

6:02 P.M.: Let The Games Begin

They're ready for their close-up, Mr. DeMille.

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