Amy Schumer’s Mother’s Day Post Was So On Point, It Even Caught Orlando Bloom’s Attention

It’s official: Amy Schumer just won the award for the most relatable Mother’s Day post. (And Orlando Bloom agrees.)

Yesterday, the 37-year-old actress celebrated the annual holiday by sharing a candid photo on Instagram that will make every mom say, “Same.”

The pic was taken shortly after Schumer gave birth to her son, Gene Attell Fischer. It features the actress wearing a hospital gown and sitting on the toilet, while her doula cuddles the newborn. She captioned the post, “Milf alert 1 o’clock.”

Celebrities immediately flooded the comments section with words of praise. Snookie commended Schumer for her realness, writing, “Lmao yassss show the real deal.” The Office alum Jenna Fischer confirmed that she’s been there, saying, “Happy Mother’s Day! This is it right here!!”

Even Bloom couldn’t help but chime in with three fire emojis.

Schumer is known for poking fun at just about everything. Nevertheless, the comedienne also shared a heartfelt Mother’s Day post in which she celebrated women.

She wrote, “OK here’s my post baby annoying post and my takeaway from pregnancy. Women are the s***. Men are cool and whatever but women are f***ing warriors and capable of anything.”

The Snatched star went on to thank her friends and family for their support, adding, “Friends I’ve had for 30 years or people who encouraged me to ‘keep going’ or telling me ‘it will be worth it.’ Thank you. Every woman I encountered is so willing to help and advise you and I felt all their strength. And you were right. Thank you, ladies, from my family.”

Well said, Schumer. Well said.

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