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Whoa, Amazon Wants to Deliver Packages Inside Your House...When Youre Not Home

You love the next-day delivery and the prices. But dealing with soggy parcels left outside (or worse, stolen packages) can be a real hassle.

But now those glitches might be a thing of the past. The online retailer just announced plans to bring packages directly into shoppers’ homes. Yep, as in right into your hallway or living room.

Introducing Amazon Key—a lock and camera system that users can control remotely in order to let couriers deliver goods directly into their homes.

So how does it work? First, you install a Cloud Cam camera inside your home and a smart lock on your door. When an Amazon courier arrives, Amazon Key sends a notification to your phone and, if you’re not home, they can unlock the door and leave the package rightinside. (And you can keep an eye on the delivery person using the security camera.)

Worried about safety or, um, someone walking in on you while you’re naked? Couriers will ring the doorbell or knock when they first arrive at a house. If no one opens the door, they press “unlock” in a mobile app and Amazon instantly checks its systems to make sure the correct delivery associate and package are present.

Customers can also create temporary codes for friends and others (like your nanny or housecleaner) to use as well.

This new service will be available to Amazon Prime members in 37 select cities on November 8, and the retailer’s “in-home kit” (which includes the Alexa Cloud Cam and a compatible smart lock) will set customers back $250.

Totally awesome or massive security risk? Only time will tell.

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