Courtesy of Amazon

If Anybody Needs Us, We'll Be Napping in this Enormous 8-Foot Beanbag from Amazon

It's the middle of the week. It's like, 250 degrees outside. We need a nap. But seeing as we can't take a real snooze at our desk right now, we'll be taking one of the virtual variety—by imagining ourselves cuddled up in this ridiculous, obscenely large bean bag chair. (Gosh, we love a good random Amazon find.) 

Made of shreddable foam and weighing in at 92 pounds, it's unlike any beanbag we've seen before. Imagine: You crawl atop its suede cover and sink into oblivion, while the weight of the world just drifts away. We say, that reward is a small price to pay for losing a whopping eight feet of floor space.

A note on the actual price: Depending on material, this behemoth of coziness will run you $322 to $517. What can we say? High-style doesn't come cheap. 

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