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Even if you’re not a firm believer that robots will one day take over the world (we are), you’re bound to be creeped out by the recent findings about Amazon’s Alexa. Certain home devices have been randomly (and—it goes without saying—creepily) laughing at people without being prompted. As in, you’re just going about your day, pouring a cup of coffee and getting ready to leave the house when all of a sudden the little black cylinder on your desk starts maniacally cackling. Oh, hell no.

Making matters worse, Amazon has no idea why. Soothing news, right? Yep, the nearly $700 billion company hasn’t the faintest idea why some of its voice-enabled devices are laughing at their owners. Yikes. In a statement released yesterday, however, the company said it will be disabling the short phrase “Alexa, laugh” that may be mistakenly heard by the device. (When you’re all alone in the house at night, sitting in complete silence. Hmm, OK.)

Nonetheless, Amazon has an idea for a fix: It plans to change the laugh command to “Alexa, can you laugh?” which is “less likely to have false positives,” meaning it can’t be easily mistaken for another phrase.

Welp, guess that’s one command we will never, ever say.

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