Stressed? Clearly, You Need This DIY Sauna Kit from Amazon

Nothing says luxury quite like a sauna. (There's just something about the act of sitting and sweating out your toxins that feels especially decadent, no?)

Welp, the high life of pampering and purifying at home has never been easier to achieve—because you can now order a sauna on Amazon for $4,950. Meet the Allwood Barrel Sauna, (which is manufactured by the same folks behind the DIY guesthouse that went viral last week).

This backyard paradise fits four people (a small party!), is wood-fired (how hygge!) and is constructed of "Nordic spruce," which—we're no tree experts—but sounds super swanky.

The details? Well, there's the small matter of you having to assemble the thing yourself. According to People, "The kit comes with absolutely all the hardware you need to get the sauna up and running: a sturdy frame...a wood-fired sauna heater, chimney, sauna stones, seats, floor boards, a tinted glass door, air vents, roof shingles, a canopy, support cradles (to elevate the structure), and industrial-grade stainless steel bands." Hmmm...sounds, detailed. 

Hot tip for expedited construction: Invite your handiest friends over with the promise of first dibs on spa night. 

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