Aldi Just Released a Bottled Mango Mimosa, and It’s Only $9

When we first told you about Aldi's bottled pineapple mimosas, we couldn't believe we hadn't thought of the genius concoction ourselves.

Now, the beloved grocery store chain just introduced a mango variety of the same pre-mixed and bottled brunch cocktail…and it's time to face the facts: We could drink a whole bottle ourselves.

Last spring, Aldi debuted their bottled mimosas in the classic OJ flavor, then introduced a pomegranate flavor in late summer. Earlier this year, they released pineapple, and now they're debuting one of our favorite fruits in boozy juice form with this new mango flavor.

The drink, made from fresh-squeezed mango juice and champagne, retails for $9 for a 750-milliliter, and you can stock up to your heart’s content starting June 19 (aka today).

Of course, we know that mimosas aren't terribly difficult to whip up yourself (seven parts Champagne to one part OJ, right?!), but there's something to be said for not even dealing with the extra fridge space required to chill both containers and being able to pour the perfectly proportioned drink out at a moment's notice.

And, yes, that means for less than ten bucks, you, too, can pour up at least four glasses of the delicious brunch staple.

Well, four glasses or one big individual serving. We won't judge.

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