Pass the Merlot: A New Study Finds That Alcohol Can Boost Your Memory

Remember in college when, after a particularly festive evening, your memories of the previous night were a bit, um, fuzzy

We've been there, so we were surprised to hear about a new study from the University of Exeter that basically says people who drink are better at remembering what they learned.

Here's the gist: Researchers gave 88 people a word-learning task and split them into two groups. The first group was allowed to drink as much alcohol as they wanted, while the second group had to drink non-alcoholic drinks. The next day, the group that was allowed to drink remembered more of what they had learned than the group that stayed sober.

The reasoning behind this isn't totally clear, but researchers assume it's because alcohol blocks the learning of new information, making more resources available to transfer other recently learned information into long-term memories.

We'd like to propose a toast. To science!

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