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In case you haven't heard the news, ABC is giving the cult-classic Dirty Dancing the reboot treatment. Oscar-nominated actress Abigail Breslin and newcomer Colt Prattes take the roles of Baby and Johnny for a spin just in time for the film's 30th anniversary this summer. Despite the fact that we think attempting to recreate the pure perfection of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze's dynamic is complete sacrilege, viewers can tune in for the three-hour musical spectacular, which airs on May 24 at 8 p.m. ET on ABCNow, here's the dirty on the cast. 

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ABC dirty dancing reboot first look abigail breslin

Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman

Baby (Abigail Breslin) sashay's her way into dancing instructor Johnny's arms, despite her straightlaced parents' wishes.  

ABC dirty dancing first look abigail breslin colt prattes

Johnny Castle

Patrick Swayze look-alike Colt Prattes and his muscles play Baby's love interest/local dancing king. 

ABC dirty dancing reboot first look sarah hyland J Quinton Johnson

Lisa Houseman and Marco

Adorbs couple Lisa (Sarah Hyland) and Marco (J. Quinton Johnson) add what ABC calls "a fresh perspective" on the original film. 


ABC dirty dancing first look abigail breslin debra messing bruce greenwood

Dr. Jake Houseman and Marjorie Houseman, AKA Mom and Dad

Try as they might, sometimes parents (Debra Messing and Bruce Greenwood) just don't understand.

ABC dirty dancing reboot first look colt prattes nicole Scherzinger


Penny (Nicole Scherzinger) gets down and dirty with Johnny before Baby Sway-zes her way into Johnny's heart. 

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