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Forget the Breaking Bad series finale. Five years later, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White are at it again, and they need a little help.

The IRL Jesse and Walt, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, just reunited in the RV to cook one last batch (or, um, breakfast) and, thanks to Omaze, you might just get the chance to join them. (Beginners Guide to Living in an RV and Cranston meltdown not included.)

Starting today, July 17, until August 30, anyone who donates $10 to Omaze will be entered to win a day of fun with Paul and Cranston. All proceeds will go toward ending girl-against-girl bullying via the Kind Campaign (which was founded by Paul’s wife, Lauren, and her bestie, Molly Thompson) and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. BTW, the last time Paul, the Kind Campaign and Omaze partnered, they raised $1.8 million, so get those checkbooks ready. 

May the Blue Sky odds be ever in your cooking (and charitable) favor, dear Heisenberg.

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