The Money Advice You Need This February, Based on Your Zodiac

Everyone can always use a little more money. But while there’s no shortage of personal finance tips swirling around, the entire topic can be so overwhelming that it paralyzes people into indecision. Below we isolate the one piece of financial advice you need this February, according to your sign.

Aries: Forgo coffee
Before your psychosomatic caffeine withdrawal hits, this is not actually a suggestion to kick your coffee habit (although it might be something to explore). But the cost of a regular Starbucks or Dunkin’ routine can seriously add up when you’re not paying attention. This month, keep your java intake to the office, the home or sitting down at a restaurant, and nix the beverage-on-the-go ritual. Not only will it help your bank account, it’ll spare you worse headaches down the line if you do decide you want to cut back.

Taurus: No ordering food
Few enjoy a meal delivered to their doorstep more than a Taurus, so this one might hurt. But neglecting your Seamless account for a month will not only help you save some money, it’ll force you to focus on healthier, home-cooked options. By the end of the month, you’ll be surprised at how much money you saved and how much better you feel. You may even decide you like your homemade drunken noodles better than the ones from your favorite Thai establishment.

Gemini: Money journaling
The first step to saving money is knowing how much you spend. For some, that can be prohibitively daunting, but you’re the sign of communication and writing. If anyone is going to keep a thorough (and probably witty!) diary of their money outflows, it’s you, Gemini. Whether it’s a digital log or a converted bullet journal, you’ll understand where to adjust your spending when you can see it all laid out in a beautiful, numbers-based narrative.

Cancer: Get pre-approved for a loan
As the sign of all things domestic, no financial asset is more Cancerian than real estate. If you’re a first time buyer, you may want to gather your information and get pre-approved for a loan. You don’t have to be ready at that moment to actually apply for one, but taking early steps now will ensure you’re well prepared when you’ve got a more sizable down payment to work with. More importantly, it’ll give you a more realistic sense of your actual financial picture, so that you can house-hunt with confidence when you’re ready.

Leo: No Uber February
This also counts if you only use Lyft, Via, Juno, good old-fashioned cabs or black car services. Even if you’re someone who can regularly take black car services, this month, challenge yourself to get by on your own two feet, four tires or local public transit. As a Leo, you like to ride in style (you like to do everything in style, actually…), but commuting among the people will make a serious difference to your checking account. Plus, if anyone can make public transit feel like an aesthetic choice, it’s you.

Virgo: Ask for a raise
No impostor syndrome allowed, Virgo—you work hard and you shall be compensated. Even if you’re between promotion cycles, use this month to focus less on frugality and more on getting what’s yours. It can be difficult to ask for more money—you need to prepare an evidence-based case for it (no one will keep closer track of the value you actually create than you), and you need to emotionally prepare. Make February your month to incubate a confident, higher-earning version of yourself.

Libra: DIY your bliss
When you’re stressed, there’s nothing better than a massage or a trip to the sauna or a facial. But this month, challenge yourself to pocket all that cash and introduce yourself to a little at-home luxury. Whether that’s meditating, morning yoga by your bed, using up the candles and bath bombs you already have (no new ones) or infusing your shampoo with a little bit of lavender or tea tree oil, there are tons of creative ways you can transform your home into a little oasis of self-care. And by saving that money, you’re basically paying yourself to do it.

Scorpio: Set up automatic deductions
Scorpios are creatures of habit, so this month, put that capacity to work for your wallet by setting up automatic deductions into a savings account. Whether it’s through an app that captures your spare change or setting up a weekly allowance from your checking, you’ll be able to set it and forget it. By March, when you see what you were able to collect, you may want to keep this habit all year.

Sagittarius: Buy zero clothes
Are we ever really done with our wardrobes? For you, Sagittarius, make this philosophical question an action item, at least for the month. Decide that no matter what—whether your socks have holes or you need a new dress for a wedding—you will not buy any clothes this month. Upcycle or repair what you have, and if you want to enlist your friends, maybe host a closet exchange party. In the meantime: no retail markup to pay!

Capricorn: Up your 401(k) or IRA contribution
If you were paying attention to the markets last quarter, you know it was brutal. But while plummeting prices can make others nervous, you understand a buying opportunity when you see it. Take this opportunity to review your paycheck contributions to your retirement account. If you set it even a little higher, you’ll accrue all that compound interest without feeling much of a difference. Just don’t look at your statements that often, since this is all about the long term...

Aquarius: E-commerce cleanse
Aquarians love a good cause, so your money-saving tip this month is to nix all e-commerce. While rolling back on your Prime is good business for you, it also reduces the packaging waste that comes with free shipping. While doing a good thing for the planet, you’ll also end up making fewer purchases overall if everything you buy is a physical transaction. That will force you to be more intentional with your spending, and you’ll end up with more of what you need and less of everything else.

Pisces: Dry February
It’s nice to get a little toasty during the winter months, but happy hours definitely add up, and going dry for February can be an easy cheat to saving a good chunk of change. As an introverted, perceptive sign, you may find you enjoy staying sober while people get tipsy. You’ll be the keeper of the stories and the secrets, which you can reveal at your leisure. And meanwhile, the money you’ll keep will add up to a nice little bonus. Not a bad gig for playing designated driver once in a while.

Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. You can sign up for her newsletter, I don't believe in astrology, or follow her Twitter @alexkiki.