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6 Things You Should Never Say During an Interview
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Traffic. Nerves. Blisters. Pit stains. Hard copies of your résumé. A million and one things are racing through your mind when you interview for a position--which is why we’ve compiled a handy guide of definitive interview no-no’s for easy reference. Here, six things you should never say. (Now go land that dream job, girl.)

“Sorry I’m late…” Even if it means arriving 30 minutes early, always give yourself more than enough time. Showing up late before you’ve even started is a cardinal interview sin. 

“What’s your vacation policy?” Aka “Can I request time off before I even get the job?” Employers are looking for candidates eager to get to work, and any talk of time off is a red flag. 

“What’s the role you see this transitioning into?” If they are hiring for an assistant, do not ask when you’ll be promoted to associate (or manager…or CEO). Interview hard and strong for the role they’re looking for--and address growth once you’ve got the job.

“I didn’t get along with my former coworkers (or boss).” Even if it’s true, it’s better to keep it to yourself. Prospective employers want to believe that you can play nice with everyone in the office.

“What do you do here?” Do your research. Recent news articles, press mentions, LinkedIn profiles…read anything and everything you can about the prospective interviewer. And come prepared to show off your knowledge.

“No other questions.” Employers look for interviewees who are interested and engaged. Be honest and ask questions about anything you don’t understand or are eager to know about. And c’mon…surely you’re dying to get the scoop on at least one thing about your potential next career move.

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