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See ya, S.A.D. Well, helloooo there, savings. March is the perfect time to spring clean our closets—and our spending habits. So we’re tapping into new, painless ways to cut costs, from off-season steals to Spring Black Friday (it’s a thing). Here’s to planning for brighter days.

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Spring clean your closet, for cash

Peplum? What were you even thinking in 2012? Consider March the official start of spring-cleaning season and resell any unworn threads that are currently taking up space in your closet. Designer goods go to online consignment sites like TheRealReal (get $25 off your first purchase by signing up now) or eBay. Donate the rest to Goodwill—and deduct the current value on your taxes.

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Speaking of taxes…

April 17 is coming up fast. Look into declaring your baby a dependent, writing off your charitable donations, your commuting expenses—even your spin class. It’s also worth investigating whether you qualify to file with free assistance from the IRS itself.

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Save on gardening supplies and outdoor furniture

Nurseries often put gardening tools, bulbs and even seedlings on sale at the start of the season. And big-box stores like Home Depot, Target, Walmart and Lowe’s have launched blowout Spring Black Friday sales to capitalize on customers’ fantasies about outdoor living. Just be sure to read plant labels carefully to make sure you live in the ideal climate to grow what you sow.

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Ditto luggage

Retailers usually make a big push to sell suitcases and satchels during the lull between holiday and spring break travel. Stores like Macy’s and JC Penney tend to slash prices 50 percent or more.

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And Disney merch!

With Halloween and Christmas long gone and summer still far off, the Disney Store will draw in customers this month with deep cuts on costumes, swimwear, and toys,” reports “Look for daily coupons worth an additional 25% off.”

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Turn down the heat, pull up the shades

After a winter full of polar vortexes and bomb cyclones, many of us are in the habit of switching on every lamp in the house and cranking the thermostat way up—then watching our Con Ed bill rise with it. Longer, warmer days mean a cozy sweater and socks can compensate. Say it with us: Daylight Savings Time is March 11.

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