6 Creative Ways to Save Money in February

Spending $10 here, $20 there—it all adds up and, if you do the math, you’ll see that it makes a serious dent in your bottom line week by week. That’s why it never hurts to keep your eyes peeled for month-specific savings and deals. Hey, a little advanced financial planning can go a long way.

8 Things That Always Go on Sale in February


Stock Up On Snacks

Save the date: The New England Patriots take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl on February 4. As a result, stores ranging from Aldi to Costco offer heavy discounts on party snacks. We’re talking buy one, get one free bag of Tostitos kind of deals—aka now’s the time to take advantage of the shelf life and pad your pantry for less.


Also, Bras

Sure, it’s the most cliché Valentine’s Day gift of all time, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the romance-related lingerie savings that run rampant this month. In fact, you could see two-for-the-price-of-one deals in this category, too. Perfect timing to weed out the old and invest in the new.

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Cook At Home On February 14

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is one of the pricier nights of the year to eat out. Since it falls on a Wednesday this year, opt to cook at home and make a restaurant reservation for February 15 or 16—when overpriced prix fixe menus are no longer in the mix—instead.


Binge All The Oscar-nominated Films For Less

Yes, MoviePass is an option for year-round theater savings, but FYI, national theater chains like Regal and AMC also offer Oscar-related savings so you can see all the nominated movies—from Three Billboards to Lady Bird—for a fraction of the cost this month. The savings for this year are yet to be revealed, but last year, you could watch every single best picture film for a flat rate of $35 (approximately $4 a pop). Keep an eye on the theater chain websites to learn more.


Don’t Forget About President’s Day

Whether you’re in the market for a new car or a new vacuum, it’s worth holding out until February 19 to shop since retailers tend to capitalize on the national holiday and offer heavy discounts and deals. The items that get marked down the most include TVs, home appliances, mattresses and winter clothes. Do your homework ahead of time on the items you’re looking to buy, then follow the brands you love on social media to stay in the loop on the savings.


Or Getting Ahead On Your Taxes

The early bird gets more money back: You’ll find savings on tax software from major retailers like H&R Block this month for as much as 50 percent off. Not to mention, you could cash in on that refund check a lot sooner. A win-win.

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