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Two amazing things about March: 1) Spring is on the horizon and 2) There’s a lot of great stuff that’s now on sale. Here, six things to add to your shopping cart now.

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woman gardening

Gardening Supplies

With planting season right around the corner, now’s the time that garden centers tend to offer deep discounts on everything from clay pots to Miracle-Gro and mulch. Keep your eyes peeled for fliers advertising flash sales—sometimes to the tune of 50 percent off.

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woman treadmill

Indoor Exercise Equipment

When the weather gets warmer, treadmills and elliptical machines tend to get marked down since most people are taking their exercise routines outdoors. If you have the space, there’s no better time to swoop in and scoop up some new workout gear. (And pssst…this includes the small stuff, like hand weights and yoga mats.)

kids summer camp

Summer Camps for Kids

Cue the early bird savings: March is the time of year that camps typically offer early enrollment specials. (Discounts vary by location and depending on the type of experience you’re going for.) Peep the list of accredited options near you and get your kids' summer plans all booked.

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puppy suitcase


March is an in-between stage for travel: At this point, holiday and winter travel is winding down and summer vacation is still a couple of months off. This makes for a great time to snap up a new suitcase or duffel bag. (Savings can be as high as 30 percent off.)



Since new models arrive in stores in both February and March, stores are all about clearing room by getting rid of old inventory. So what if you’re tooling around on a 2016 (versus 2017) model? No one—not even you—will notice the difference.

spring cleaning

Cleaning Supplies

The arrival of warmer weather puts Marie Kondo—and spring cleaning—on almost everyone’s mind. That’s why you’ll find all sorts of savings on supplies for scrubbing and dusting. (For example, this Target promotion for $15 off every $50 you spend with code CLEAN.)

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