Real talk: Even the most stellar employees are at risk of driving their crazy-busy boss lady up a wall. Here, seven annoying work habits to nip in the bud now. 

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You Make Everything an Emergency

Overwhelming your boss with non-urgent interruptions—in person or via email—is a no-no. Try to avoid escalating a situation that can be resolved with patience (say, vacation day approvals), but remember that it’s OK to bug her about something that could be important to the company in the long run (like an unexpected cost that needs her approval).

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Or Forget to Loop Her In

Knowing when to rope in your boss may feel like an art, but think of it this way: If the project is big enough that her boss might ask her for a status update, it’s probably smart to keep her clued in at all times. (In most cases, it’s as simple as sending her a quick email recap at the end of the day or week.)

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You Write Subject Lines That Are Unclear

Your subject lines should be designed to help your boss prioritize her inbox and state what you need from her in 60 characters or less. It’s the difference between a note that says “Checking in” and “For Your Review: Biannual Report.” Specificity always rules.

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You Email Her at All Hours of the Night

We get it—you’re trying to make it seem like you’re available 24/7. But your boss has a social life, too, and the more emails you send after-hours—especially the non-urgent kind—the more she has to wade through and check. 

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You’re Constantly on G-Chat

Unless it’s a workplace requirement, be wary of having too many chat windows up. You don’t want your boss to ever feel like she’s competing for your attention, especially if she’s patiently waiting for you to look up from your personal convo beside your desk.

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And Need Constant Reminding

Post-it Notes. Google Docs. Pretty paper planners with lots of writing room. Whatever your system, make sure you’re following up to give your boss ahead-of-deadline updates on to-dos…and not the other way around.

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You Never Show Enthusiasm

Even if you’re working for the weekend, it never hurts to pipe up and show genuine interest and support of a project or task. Your boss is a human being, too, and your positivity counts for a lot. (It could also lead to a promotion, so there’s that.) 

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