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We get it: The topic is heavy. But estate planning is kind of important—and will also give you peace of mind that the nitty-gritty details of your future are accounted for in case of an emergency. So as you put your will together, keep in mind that there are a few minor (and major) details that people often neglect to include.

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What Happens to Your Social Media Accounts

Do you want your Facebook account (with its birthday reminders) to live on? Do you want your kids to archive your Insta? Whatever you decide, you’ll need to authorize someone to take over admin duties—aka give them access to your username and password—with instructions for how to proceed. (Deactivation included.)

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And Your Pets

Sure, it’s a no-brainer to make arrangements for your kids, but in the shuffle, pets are often forgotten—and can become a source of contention for loved ones who don’t want to assume the caregiving task. Just like you would with other human dependents, have a conversation in advance with the person you’re planning to name as guardian. Next step: Put it in writing.

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A Plan for the Family Photographs

It’s only natural that assets with the highest monetary value are accounted for in a will. But sometimes it’s the family heirlooms that are worth zilch that can cause the biggest disputes. If there’s an item—say, a photo album or piece of jewelry—with a great deal of sentimental value that you’d like to go to someone specific, make sure you have a plan for it. Like we said, peace of mind is the goal.

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